Sneaker Care 101

Is there anything that pleases your eyes more than a pair of box-fresh sneakers? We doubt it. As white as a sheet, fresh kicks are the best indication that you care about yourself.
But whether you’re hiking or treading your office hallways or city streets, all trending sneakers for men are prone to discoloration and scuffing. But the good news is, you can keep them looking as good as when you first unboxed them.
Just follow the cardinal rules below, and you’ll be good.


Protect your sneakers from the very beginning

Buy a good repellant spray to ensure water and dirt don’t damage your sneaker’s surface. Unbox the shoes and apply the repellant without any delay.
This helps keep your sneakers dry and clean, which is important if you’ll be wearing them in inclement weather.
Plus, drip a few beads of water on the outside of your sneakers to test for water resistance at least one time per month. If there’s any problem, respray!


Use a good shoe cleaner

With the right shoe cleaner, you’ll have your sneakers looking best even after a lot of years.
The market is stocked with numerous versatile cleaners that you can use to wash different types of sneakers—the choice is yours; choose one that you think will be best for your pair.
Also, ensure that the cleaner you’re purchasing helps in maintaining the integrity of your sneakers’ luxurious fabric.
Use a cleaning solution, soft brush, and water to wash your sneakers. Scrub with the cleaner, wiping it clean after. While certain companies provide microfiber towels to wipe the shoes, there’s no need for it—an old t-shirt will do just as fine!

Restore your laces

Throw your losses in a bowl filled with hot water, bleach, and done. But after they dry out, you’ll notice that the laces don’t feel the same. This is because bleach weakens the fibers.
So, instead of going easy on the bleach, soak the laces in a shoe cleaner and warm water, rinse, swirl it around, and repeat. This will help you restore your laces to their former glory!


Stuff your sneakers with scrunched up newspapers after every wear

Newspapers aren’t inaccessible. Plus, they do a good job of absorbing moisture.
If your sneakers are drenched in the rain during an unfortunate day, or your feet sweat a lot, stuffing your kicks with scrunched-up newspapers will help them dry faster, which also reduces the funky smell. In addition, stuffing your shoes will prevent the formation of toe creases, something that makes your shoes look quite old.


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