6 Shoes Every Woman Should Own

If a girl doesn’t freak out when you ask her to trim down her shoe collection, she’s a keeper. Just look at Celine Dion, she literally has thousands of shoes in her closet—and well, she’s still probably not satisfied.
But here, we aren’t talking about the quantity of shoes, but the quality. Yep, there are some staple shoe styles that your shoe rack must never miss—regardless of how frugal, extravagant, old, or young you are.
Here are some shoes every woman should own; they’ll not just help you look fashionable but also get you through every season. So read on!

1. Sneakers

Sneakers top yet another list, and this shouldn’t be surprising. Sneakers can make any outfit look effortless, polished, and cool. You can wear them with almost anything, and they go with every season. Once you get your hands on a pair you love, putting another shoe on will become quite challenging.
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2. Basic Ballet Flats

Also known as skimmer flats, these shoes are a hassle-free solution to feeling pulled together and polished while on the go. They’re both casual and comfy, meaning you can pair them up with anything, for example, cutoffs, shift dresses, and even pretty pleated skirts.

3. Casual Kicks

Nope, don’t confuse them with gym sneakers; they’re different. The pair we’re referring to here is a basic wardrobe essential that you should definitely invest your money in. While you can wear them with cross-trainers, they’ll look a lot sweeter with jeans.

4. A Statement Heel

Whether you’re someone who loves loads of sparkle or someone who’d just settle with some color, you should have a shoe that becomes the main focal point. Yep, a statement heel gives infinite lives to all your suits, denim, and little black dresses.

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5. Black Boots

Having a perfect statement heel in your arsenal is just as important as having black boots. You can pair them up with anything, from a T-shirt and jeans to a business-casual outfit for work—the options are endless. Choose an ankle-high pair and a heel height that’s comfy for you.

6. Classic Loafers

Well, the classic loafers entered the scene just some years ago, but they’ve now become an important wardrobe essential for every woman. Since they’re quite flat—and a chicer alternative to a ballet flat, they instantly make an outfit look put-together and more sophisticated.

Loafer newbie? Opt for a black pair—the safest option. However, if your closet is already littered with dozens of loafers, choose a pair in a fun print or color and spice up your basics in the most pocket-friendly way ever!


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