Pairing Colored Shoes with Outfits

Festive dresses, summer dresses, evening dresses, everyday dresses—well, the list goes on. But don’t worry, there are just as many shoe colors and options available in the market. Often, we start wondering which shoe color to choose to get the right outfit/shoe combination—and that’s not surprising.
Here, it81 presents a priceless guide to help you simplify these overwhelming decisions.



Blue goes best with white, brown, red, and yellow.
If you intend to go for a no-fail look, pair skinny jeans with shoes that have a darker or lighter shade than denim. If there’s winter around, finish this outfit off with a sweater in beige or ivory. Also, note that navy is the punchier cousin of black—while it adds some color, it does so with minimum risk.


Green goes best with yellow, blue, black, brown, and neutrals.
Astonishingly, green is an incredibly versatile color. All you need to do is keep orange and red out of the picture unless you want to go for something highly saturated.


Yellow goes best with green, white, black, and any shade of blue.
While yellow and purple are used to complement colors, if you use them in combination, you’ll be able to pull off a bold look. Pair warm colors like orange or red with buttery tones. If you have to pair something with neon yellow, consider simple black, white, or some cooler colors.


Orange goes best with yellow, red, earth tones, white, and blue.
If you can pair orange shoes with beiges, tans, and tawny neutrals, you’ll look apart. These colors offer a warm canvas, allowing orange to really make a statement. If you’re not wearing a darker shade, add in some brown accessories for a cool, 80s vibe. While many people won’t like the idea of blocking colors, but if you’re a daredevil, power-clash by styling them with purple or green.


Red goes best with navy blue, black, white, orange, pink, and neutrals.
If you’re wearing something casual, red shoes will deliver the right punch. However, avoid racy outfits because red shoes provide enough sizzle, and there’s no need to overdo it. Plus, distance yourself away from monochrome as red on red won’t look good.

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