Nurtured and inspired by our rich Italian heritage, IT81 is bridging the gap between high-quality sneakers and modern laid back style. Distinct by nature and durable by design, each sneaker is handcrafted with conceptual inspirations that link the value-added of the organic things with unique colors and patterns to reflect our customers’ own individual styles.

Italy is renowned for its high-quality craftsmanship and innovative fashion, and we are adamant about holding up our country’s famed reputation. Italian fashion is about choosing a piece that stands out and wearing it well. That is why we have cultivated several eye-catching sneaker designs that will undeniably make you stand out and take your outfits to the next level.

Our sneakers are designed to inspire movement, expression and the power to turn ordinary moments into unforgettable memories. When life is your playground, you need shoes that move you, as much as they move with you. So, celebrate the endless possibilities of tomorrow by diving into life with both feet today. Because when you wear It81 sneakers, no matter where you go...make sure you go for it.

We put the "it" in Italy.

Each it81 sneaker is delicately constructed to reflect our Italian heritage, renowned for exceptional style, craftsmanship and quality. Designed by some of Italy’s most talented craftsmen, experience true Italian luxury at every step.